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We are prompt, competent, and reliable! We always have a fleet of cars ready to respond quickly to situations. So that you have someone you can trust who will act promptly and take care of everything for you should horrible things happen on the road, including being stranded without transportation or getting into a car accident.

It’s a good time to avoid the stress of getting towed.

About Us

The trustworthy towing company Jereza Towing Service can help with car transportation or other road repair services. Our team can assist you in getting your car towed to a safe place if it has a flat tire, a dead battery, or has been in an accident. Additionally, we provide roadside assistance services, including gasoline delivery, tire inflation, and winching out.

Even on weekends and legal holidays, you can count on Jereza Towing Service to respond as soon as possible. Call us if you ever need roadside assistance or an emergency flatbed tow because our business’s guiding principle is “customer first”!

Our Towing | Services

Light-Duty Towing

If you need a light-duty tow when your lights go out, Jereza Towing Service is here to help. If your automobile breaks down on an unfamiliar route and you need immediate assistance, please contact us right away.

Medium-Duty Towing

Our workforce has years of experience providing medium-duty towing and transport services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have the knowledge and skills to deal with even the most challenging issues.

Heavy-Duty Towing

The Jereza Towing Service's heavy-duty towing services are necessary to keep our roads safe and the flow of traffic efficient. We have everything you need to keep your heavy-duty trucks operational and in good condition. Contact us right away for a free estimate!

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Our professionals will take care of everything, including a free estimate! Call us right away at (952) 679-2528.


Zachary Savage


"Our company truck was being towed when Jereza Towing Service showed up in the middle of the night. They were really kind and professional. Once more, many thanks."


"When I recently required a towing service, Jereza Towing Service exceeded my expectations with their expertise, efficiency, and politeness."

Madiha Owens


Cecily Newman


"The representative from Jereza Towing Service was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. After calling them for 20 minutes, a tow truck arrived. They also drove me home because the mechanic's business was quite a distance from my house."


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We offer both light-duty towing for vehicles and heavy load service, and we are quite quick to react! You may rely on us to schedule a towing appointment; simply dial Jereza Towing Service on your speed dial.